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Fantassút, 2016, 2K , black and white, 15 min.



11,000 refugees have been stranded for months in the Idomeni refugee camp on the Greek/Macedonian border. This short documentary is a glimpse of their lives in a forgotten twilight zone, as they wait for the European borders to open. 

Selected Screenings

Camerimage International Festival of Cinematography, PL

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, USA

Human Rights Watch Film Festival, Canada

SCAD Savannah International Film Festival, USA

Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada

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"Captured beautifully in black and white cinematography, Fantassút is a heartbreaking portrait of the lives of those who the world can no longer turn its back on." 

Courtney Small - Cinemaaxis (full review here)

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​"This heart-wrenching window into the lives of the people she met forces us to confront our own preconceptions about refugees."

She Does the City (full review here)

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"An enthralling exploration of the existential and geographical dislocation experienced by the inhabitants of the Idomeni refugee camp."

James Slaymaker - The Edge (full review here)

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