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Currents / Perpendicolare Avanti, 20221-2022, 16mm to digital, single channel, colour, 18 min.

Selected Exhibitions



Currents / Perpendicolare Avanti is a camera-less, hand-made, 16mm film collage, based on the artist's autobiographical experience as an immigrant. In three movements, the film explores the dynamics of inhabiting the in-between space of moving between multiple countries and their temporalities, through visual and sound abstraction, interlacing and recycling pre-existing film materials and, using fragments from anonymous orphan films.

Utilizing these so-called scraps, Currents is a film of extensive remediation, treated by hand through the use of the emulsion lifting technique, thereby re-imagining, re-constructing, and de-constructing the liminality of immigrant life. The re-writing of the self in Currents is produced through the archives of others, via associative montage and repeated performative acts on the celluloid surface of the film.

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