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Skyscraper Film, 2023, 16mm to digital, single channel, colour, 8 min.



Skyscraper Film is a camera-less handmade film collage created from scraps of 16mm orphan films from 1970s. Originally produced to promote tourism in North America these films are remediated by the filmmaker to create an abstract collage via the Emulsion Lifting/ Emulsion Grafting technique. 
With this technique the filmmaker lifts by hand the emulsion layer from the film strip and subsequently places it on a different f
ilm base, this way a celluloid collage is created, then re-animated.


Can I use the structure of the film strip as an architectural element?

Is it possible to utilize the celluloid material of the film as cement? 

Can these skyscrapers be transformed into something else?

Can the solid lines melt into natural sensuous curves?

Can I melt the skyscrapers away?


Upcoming Exhibitions

Ann Arbor Film Festival - USA 

Ribalta Film Festival - Italy

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