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Villanella, work in progress, 35mm slides, colour.

In music, a Villanella (Italian pronunciation: [villaˈnɛlla];  is a form of light Italian secular vocal music which originated in Italy just before the middle of the 16th century. It first appeared in Naples, and influenced the later canzonetta, and from there also influenced the madrigal.

The subject matter is generally rustic, comic, and often satirical; frequently the mannerisms of art music, such as the madrigal, are a subject of parody. The rhyme scheme of the verse in the earlier Neapolitan forms of the villanelle is usually abR abR abR ccR. The villanelle became one of the most popular forms of song in Italy around mid-century.

The music of the early Villanella (known as the canzone villanesca) is invariably for three unaccompanied voices.

I collected a series of found 35mm film slides from disparate repositories and private collections, to further process them with Hydrogen Peroxide (Mordançage).

The collection initially included 20 slides, and has now grown to circa 100 slides.

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