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Toad, Leaf, Grass, Rock, 2020, 16mm to Digital, black and white, 4 min.


A 16mm hybrid visual poem, at the crossroad between intertextuality and documentary. This film "plays" with images in a mysterious way. In the words of Eugenio Montale, weaving a disappearing and deserted suburban landscape into the fabric of images, sounds, and textures of two far-away lovers yearning for each other.

Selected Exhibitions

NewFilmmakers New York, Anthology Film Archives - USA 

REAKTOR International Film Festival, Vienna, Austria 

Film and Video Poetry Symposium, Los Angeles, USA

Mostra Internazionale del Cinema di Genova - Italy 

Soto Aqua, Fondamenta della Misericordia, Venice, Italy

Muestra de Video Arte Faenza - Bogota, Colombia

Equinoxio Film Festival - Bogota, Colombia

Zlatý Voči [Golden Eyes Film Festival], Prague, CZ

Long Distance Film Festival - Online, Sponsored by KINOSCOPE

Liverpool Underground Film Festival - Liverpool, UK [Winner of Best Cinematography]

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