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Di una Valigia Verde is an ongoing project. It started with a green suitcase (valigia verde), the suitcase I had when I first landed in North America as an immigrant, from Italy.

I filled the suitcase with soil and other elements typically found in North America, like Maple Syrup, then I buried 8mm film in it.

With the passing of the days, the 8mm film starts decaying, dissolving in the North American soil. This process strips away part of the film emulsion, leaving cracks, holes, transparencies and opacities. The memories, once imprinted in the film, become fragmented. 


Once the film reaches the desired state of decay, I hand-paint on it with colours that I associate with home, like the Blue of the Mediterranean and the Yellow of the lemon trees. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 6.22.33 PM.png
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